[Photo of small clusters of white, yellowish small mushrooms growing on the forrest floor. Dead leaves can be seen near them. The clusters lead the viewer's eye back, with the closest cluster blurred in the foreground. The text "MYCELIUM NETWORKS" is overlayed on top of the image.]

MYCELIUM NETWORKS are above and underground formations of people who are practicing TJ. SOIL knows that a key component of the conditions for TJ is cultivating connection. To this end, SOIL works to build mycelium networks, creating a vibrant web of support for TJ. 


The Transformative Justice Parent Network (TJPN) is a national network that supports parents on the political left to parent in ways that are aligned with transformative justice, break generational cycles of harm and cultivate new generational cycles of healing, accountability, freedom, love and liberation. 

SOIL believes that parenting is a strategic site to break generational cycles of harm because childhood is often where new cycles of harm, violence and abuse begin. We also know that most parents do not have sufficient or quality support when it comes to their parenting and often struggle in isolation with any number of parenting challenges. The TJPN is a space where parents can break isolation and find community, ask for advice and share successes. We hope this can be a space where parents can find respite from the day-to-day grind of parenting, helping them to reflect, laugh and get re-energized, inspired and re-grounded each month.

The TJPN is currently invite-only and has parents from across the country including the following cities: Atlanta, GA; Brooklyn, NY; Detroit, MI; Lansing, MI; Los Angeles, CA; Oakland, CA; Pisgah Forest, NC; Round Rock, TX; Seattle, WA; Washington, D.C.

The TJPN is a collaboration between SOIL and The Firecracker Foundation.