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Below are brief descriptions of some of SOIL's available trainings. We work with groups to assess and adjust trainings, based on what is needed. For more information, contact us. Please note: all of our trainings are currently virtual due to the pandemic. Tech and disability-justice-oriented access support is included.

101 LEVEL TRAININGS: 101 trainings do not require any previous knowledge or practice of TJ by participants.

  • Introduction to Transformative Justice

    • Offers a basic introduction to the core concepts of transformative justice and provides a space to begin thinking about community-based responses to violence.

    • These one-time TJ Intros can range anywhere from 2-8 hours.

  • Accountability 101

    • A basic introduction to the concept of accountability (from a TJ orientation) and Mia Mingus' 4 parts of accountability.

  • How to Give a Genuine Apology

    • An introduction to the components of a genuine apology, how to give one, the concept of apologizing and what not to do.

  • Pods and Pod Mapping

    • Covers the concept of transformative justice pods, how to map your pod and how pods can be used.

  • Introduction to Communication

    • Focuses on the basic skills of active listening and accountable sharing, while giving participants an opportunity to reflect and learn more about their own ways of communicating.

  • 101 Transformative Justice Intensives (TJI)

    • An extended introduction to TJ covering what TJ is, its core concepts, and some basic beginner tools, skills and practice. 101 TJI trainings can be anywhere from 6-12 sessions, depending on the needs and size of the group(s). Our most common intensives are 6 sessions over 3 months with an average of 40-50 participants.

SOIL works with different kinds of groups including, but not limited to: organizations, networks, alliances, coalitions, communities, groups of multiple pods, community groups that are not 501(c)3s, intimate networks, and families.