[Time lapsed photo of the stars in the night sky, blurred so they look like dashed slightly curved lines, some brighter than others. Together they form many, many thin concentric circles. The text "TOOL CREATION" is overlayed on top of the image.]

RESOURCES: SOIL believes that we need more resources and tools to help cultivate the soil that can support TJ in ourselves, relationships and communities. We aim to develop resources that are useful, engaging and supportive for our everyday lives.

We are looking forward to creating some of the things that we have been dreaming about for years, which we will share here and through our email list. Sign-up to be the first to hear about them!

The Building Blocks of Collective Care & Transformative Justice

[Photo of six orca whales swimming in the ocean, in the misty morning light, with their fins peeking out of the water, some more than others, and tree filled mountains on the horizon.]

SOIL: A Transformative Justice Project