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Can you help me find a TJ facilitator for a process?

SOIL partners with groups to develop the knowledge and skills to be able to facilitate TJ processes in their communities. We can pass your request on to our network of facilitators. We also have facilitators-in-training (FITs) who may be able to support/facilitate TJ processes in the context of developing their skills as TJ facilitators. FITs work in pairs/teams and have a seasoned TJ facilitator supporting them. 

Can I hire SOIL's tech and tech-access person to run virtual events? 

Yes! We love our tech person. They are great at running our trainings and are a queer disabled person of color. They understand and are skilled at access grounded in disability and language justice, especially when it comes to virtual access. If you send us an email we are happy to connect you with them. 

What kinds of groups does SOIL partner with?

SOIL is open to partnering with any groups and communities that are committed to TJ.  

This includes, but is not limited to: organizations, networks, alliances, communities, groups of multiple pods, community groups that are not 501(c)3s, intimate networks, families, etc. 

How can I support SOIL's work? 

Here are some ways: 

How can I learn more about SOIL's work?

You can sign up for our very low-volume email list, where we send out periodic emails about our work.

Is SOIL a 501(c)3?

SOIL is not a 501(c)3. We are a fiscally sponsored project.