[Photo of the interior of a greenhouse building filled with bushy plants on either side of a path down the middle. One of the plants on the right has many branches and a red flower. You can see the frame of one of the green house walls in the background.]

SOIL GREENHOUSES are shared work and practice spaces to nurture and grow skills and capacity for transformative justice.

Pod Greenhouses

The Pod Greenhouse is a virtual work and practice space to support pod-building. 

The goal of our Pod Greenhouses is to support individuals to build their pods and build capacity for transformative justice and collective care. Please note: Pod Greenhouses are not trainings. 

Making dedicated time for pod work continues to be one of the biggest obstacles people face in building and maintaining their pods. SOIL hopes that this space will foster practice, connection and community. We hope that by providing a regular space throughout the year dedicated to pod-building, it will offer opportunities for relationship building, cross-pollination, community support, and self-accountability.

Click here to access SOIL's Pod Greenhouse Resource page which includes: 

2024 Pod Greenhouses: March 23, June 22 and September 21. 

Registration for each will be announced through the SOIL email list