[Photo of a long, large tree branch sitting in a vibrant green forrest meadow covered with little purple flowers, with the forrest in the background. The text "201 TRAININGS" is overlayed on top of the image.]

Below are brief descriptions of some of SOIL's available 201 trainings. We work with groups to assess and adjust trainings, based on what is needed. For more information, contact us. Please note: all of our trainings are currently virtual due to the pandemic. Tech and disability-justice-oriented access support is included.

201 LEVEL TRAININGS: 201 level trainings are usually for our strategic partners and require 101 level training as prerequisites.

  • Feedback and Accountability

    • Covers how to give and receive feedback. Best done with a group with whom you will practice this skill.

  • Interventions

    • This 201 level training covers the structure, operation and function of TJ interventions, including community accountability processes. It is intended for those who will or have led TJ processes.

  • 201 Communication Skills Building

    • This is an extended skills building training, letting participants drop down deeper into their communication skills and understanding. This skills building training focuses more on practice than the 101 level.

  • 201 Transformative Justice Intensives (TJI)

    • This more advanced TJI is for those who would like to run and/or be part of TJ interventions, including community accountability processes. Depending on what is needed, 201 TJIs can be 1-3 years long. Please note: this training is built for a much smaller amount of participants than the 101 TJIs and other 201 level trainings.

SOIL works with different kinds of groups including, but not limited to: organizations, networks, alliances, coalitions, communities, groups of multiple pods, community groups that are not 501(c)3s, intimate networks, and families.