[Photo of large pine trees in a foggy forrest. The fog looks almost ghostly in the sunlight, with several of the pine trees clearly defined and the rest fading out of view. The text "ADVANCED TRAININGS" is overlayed on top of the image.

Below are brief descriptions of some of SOIL's available advanced-level trainings. We work with groups to assess and adjust trainings, based on what is needed. For more information, contact us. Please note: all of our trainings are currently virtual due to the pandemic. Tech and disability-justice-oriented access support is included. 

ADVANCED-LEVEL TRAININGS: Advanced-level trainings are usually for our strategic partners and require Intro-level training as prerequisites. 

SOIL works with different kinds of groups including, but not limited to: organizations, networks, alliances, coalitions, communities, groups of multiple pods, community groups that are not 501(c)3s, intimate networks, and families.